You need to dramatically increase the value you get from your strategic IT projects.

  • Most strategic IT projects fail to deliver even half of the benefits they promised at the outset.
  • Project delivery is way too slow for today’s pace of change in business.
  • The PMO’s definition of “success” is rarely shared by the business.
  • Marketing and Operations demand more nimble technology to keep up with, or gain an edge on the competition.
  • Your organisation is questioning the value of its IT dept.

We can help you by:

  • Making the conversations between business and the IT project teams more productive, creating a collaborative environment for exploration and discovery.
  • Structuring your projects to start delivering straight away, so stakeholders can see the overall project shaping-up before their eyes.  This massively reduces the risk of investing millions in a white elephant.
  • Designing projects for change – keeping the project benefits aligned with the evolving needs of your business, with the business and IT dealing with uncertainty together.
  • Looking beyond project deliverables to make sure the benefits in the business case are actually achieved.  How often does your Finance Director smile at you?

There are side-effects…

  • The reputation of the IT department will grow with the Board as it increasingly meets their expectations.
  • Your staff will develop the right mindset for today’s projects.
  • The transition into business as usual is swift and effective so we can all move onto our next challenge.

We believe in being paid for delivering on promises: unlike most consultants we don’t expect to be paid just for good attendance.

Please contact us – we’d love to understand your needs and discuss how we can help you bring your projects to life, and your business and IT staff closer together.

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